Episode 13: ROSCON 2016 - ROS Qt Creator Project Manager Plug-in

2017 January 18 ⋅ Download

ROSCon 2016 Presentation by Levi Armstrong (Southwest Research Institute)

The ROS Qt Creator Plug-in is developed specifically for ROS to increase developers' efficiency by simplifying tasks and creating a centralized location for ROS tools. Since it is built on top of the Qt Creator platform, users have access to all of its existing features like: syntax highlighting, editors (C++, Python, etc.), code completion, version control (Git, Subversion, etc.), debuggers (GDB, CDB, LLDB, etc.), and much more. The talk will cover: a description and motivation; overview of current and future features; and example of how to use the plug-in to manage a ROS Workspace.

Music is Nackskott by Ozzed