Episode 08: ROSCON 2016 - The robot_blockly package: programming ROS with blocks

2016 December 23 ⋅ Download

ROSCon 2016 Presentation by Iñigo Muguruza Goenaga, Alejandro Hernández Cordero, Víctor Mayoral Vilches (Erle Robotics)

robot_blockly is a ROS package that allows users to create ROS-based algorithms and behaviors, abstracting its complexity using blocks. The aim of the package is to hide the complexity of programming robots via functional blocks. As a rule of thumb, an average PhD student takes 3 weeks to learn ROS. This makes ROS programming not accessible for the great majority. The robot_blockly package aims to simplify the process of using ROS to the point of putting conceptual blocks together.

Music is Nackskott by Ozzed